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Good Night My Everything

I can’t wait to marry you in the most breath taking location, with rainbows and butterflies, and a honeymoon cruise all around the world. In your dreams!

Have a naughty, sexy, dirty, spicy, racy, juicy, erotic, sweet dream. Just keep me out of it!

I miss you already, come back to bed and snuggle with me, as long as you bring chocolate.

Good night and sweet dreams, lollipops and ice cream, I am happy that you are on my team. Good night!

I am the man/woman who will be snoring beside you for the rest of your life. Till death do us part. I hope that doesn’t give you a nightmare!

Just so you know, you drive me nuts but I still hope you sleep well.

Whats mine is also yours but will you please scoot over, you are on the side of my bed.

I really wanted to find the perfect way to wish you a good night, but I couldn’t, so…good night!

Sleep well, wake up well and I’ll see your bright and happy face tomorrow. Good night.

I hope the ants won’t come into your bed tonight because I am wishing the sweetest dreams to the sweetest person I know. Good night.

Everything’s gonna be alright tomorrow. Sleep well and have restful night.

Good night my brother/sister. Thanks for always being there for me. I hope you have a rejuvenating sleep tonight.

I am grateful to have someone like you in my life. Have good night sleep and have a great day tomorrow.

Thank you for being so kind. Sleep well and wake up well.

Good night to the brightest star that this family have. I love you.

May God watch and guard you through the night and may you wake up well in the morning light. Good night.

Sleep will come to you for you are a good girl/boy it’s true. Good night sleepy head.

Whatever your day has been don’t let yourself from having sweetest dreams. I love you sweetheart.

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