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Happy Tuesday Tweety Tooney Tunes



Tuesday as any other day of the week can bring you both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. But the point is, if you have a positive attitude, there won’t be any challenges which you can’t overcome. Well, humor is the best thing you can rely on when having bad times, agree? Remember that Tuesday is just a start of the week. Inspire your friends and team members with these funny Tuesday quotes. When people around you smile, you’ll work with great pleasure.

Tuesday is Monday’s ugly sister.

Tuesday is just another word for Monday.

I went out there for a thousand a week, and I worked Monday, and I got fired Wednesday. The guy that hired me was out of town Tuesday.

Ahhhhh Tuesday. The day to remember all the things I didn’t get done on Monday- and push them off until Wednesday.

Tuesday is my second favorite day of the week to put off everything until later in the week.

If each day is supposed to be a gift, then I would like to know where I can return Tuesdays.

If you wake up on Monday and you do not have a headache, then it’s Tuesday.

We have Tuesday, but we’d rather have money.

Tuesday isn’t so bad…It’s a sign that I’ve somehow survived Monday.

Tuesday is the new Monday.

Tuesday: The day after Monday that reminds you that you still have four more days of not trying to slap a fellow co-worker.

I showed up for Tuesday… Didn’t say I’d participate.

When you have a typical schedule and you work Monday through Friday, Tuesday is definitely not your favorite working day. Let’s face the truth, it seems that since you survived Monday you already deserve a day off. Or at least you want it to be Thursday, right? Yet life is unfair and four work days are left. Don’t get upset too soon. Even the beginning of the week can be successful and pleasant. Get up and enjoy reading following Tuesday sayings.

Nothing messes up your Friday like realizing it’s only Tuesday.

Tuesday: The day to remember all the things that I didn’t get done on Monday and push them off until Wednesday.

Dear Tuesday, nobody likes you either. You’re just Monday’s ugly cousin.

How do you feel about Tuesdays? Do you consider them the complicated, annoying and exhausting days or think that they are much better than Mondays? It does not matter because you will like the so true sayings below, anyway.

Good Morning Tuesday! Wishing you a blooming great day!

Tuesday is the new Monday.

Tuesday is just another word for Monday.

Tuesday is Monday’s ugly but friendly sister.

If this depression stays with us, the loser Tuesday is going to be the winner. – Will Rogers

There isn’t a Monday that would not cede its place to Tuesday. – Anton Chekhov

Happy Tuesday! We are responsible for peace and order in our lives! When your world is CONSTANTLY filled with chaos, then it’s time to take a look at SELF! – Tracey Edmonds

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